Hehannel.com Website Review & Ratings + The KARAOKE Channel Coupons
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Hehannel.com Website Review & Ratings + The KARAOKE Channel Coupons

The Karaoke Channel Streams more than 18,000 songs to televisions to ensure their subscribers have access to a unprecedented selection of music that enables consumers to indulge from almost anywhere in the world. They are a subsidiary of Stingray Digital Media Group which is a leading industry content and broad cast provider within the world of technology. These two forces together make it possible for karaoke lovers to get exactly what they want, when they want it and at prices that are extremely affordable.

Technology has been a wonderful thing in the hands of the professionals with The Karaoke Channel as its their vehicle to bringing some of the most desired possibilities into fruition. As more and more consumers are taking full advantage of the flexibility they have with all of their communication devices, The Karaoke Channel is chiming in. Fortunately, the developments moved The Karaoke Channel into action and they have carved their placement to ensure their applications can be accessed with the most preferred items on the market.

Devices one can utilize to access their services:

In addition to this their services may:

The KARAOKE Channel: What makes it different?

Whether people like to admit it or not everyone has a carefree side to them that needs to be let out to play. Permitting yourself to do so is a solid approach to maintaining a healthy emotional balance in life. While Karaoke is not for everyone? There are those that sit on the side lines secretly wishing they had the courage to belt out a couple of lines to a song they enjoy. The Karaoke Channel just might be the solution as it provides both the flexibility and privacy many consumers desire.

With thousands of song being streamed to your television (twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week) this service can easily become a cost effective resource for entertainment and therapy. While it does not make any claims to solve any life problems, there are statistics that suggest having an outlet permits consumers a means to better synchronize other aspects of their life. Group activities with family and friends is a healthy way to bring people closer together. As a subscriber to The Karaoke Channel, all one has to do is choose their preferred device for streaming songs and the action one seeks is readily available.

Here are some of its benefits:

Best Available The KARAOKE Channel Coupon:
The KARAOKE Channel vs. primary competitors (sites similar to The KARAOKE Channel)

AceKaraoke.com and the Karaoke Warehouse have made a great impact on those who appreciate the art of this very popular movement. The karaoke Channel offers services that compliment these two establishments very well. While the two leading competitors offer an array of resources and instruments to get the party moving in the right direction, much of what The Karaoke Channel offers cannot be appreciated without access to the merchandise these two establishments provide.

However, The Karaoke Channel does offer microphones for a discounted rate with certain subscription levels. This is a really good investment for newbies, but more advanced consumers might want to invest in high tech goods offered by AceKaraoke.com and the Karaoke Warehouse. Any additional equipment can only be enhanced by the flexibility and selection of music offered by The Karaoke Channel.

Having the right kind of music available in an instant can be obtained by simply chiming into to the device most suited to your needs. With The Karaoke Channel there is not need to store music or spend additional funds on DVD packs which saves space, time and money!

The KARAOKE Channel: Pricing & packages

This comparison focuses on the basics the sport of karaoke requires to get the process moving forward. Microphones and music are two of the most important tools needed in order to capture what karaoke has to offer in its entirety. While this might seem a bit inconsistent for more advanced Karaoke participants it is a good base line to determine which service is most cost effective. Here is how The karaoke Channel compares with its leading competitors:


  • Microphones $28.00 - $699.99
  • Music $13.95 for 8 songs & up to $69.99

Karaoke Warehouse:

  • Microphones $14.95 for 16 songs & up to $69.99
  • Music $8.49 - $449.99

The Karaoke Channel:

  • Microphones $19.95 - 29.95
  • Music $9.95 a month for 8,121 songs
  • $59.95 a year for 8,121 Songs

The Karaoke channel also offers its members a free trial offer to ensure they are the right fit for the consumer. This is a great way to get a feel for their products and services before you actually commit. With this in mind it appears that The Karaoke Channel provides the most comprehensive deal.

The KARAOKE Channel: Product images & screenshots
The KARAOKE Channel Coupons
The KARAOKE Channel: Customer reviews & comments

Consumers give this product a three out of five star rating on most of the sites explored to provide this feedback. While everyone agrees they love Karaoke; consumers are very particular about the resources they'll employ to get their fix. Here is some of what they have to say about their victories and woes with The karaoke Channel:

"Had low expectations after reading other reviews, but this app works perfectly. It can AirPlay to your AppleTV too! Just note that you'll need a subscription to get their full library, which has a good selection and hopefully will keep growing." Read more...

"The flash-based interface seemed simple enough at first. Looking for music was simple, you can either browse or just type in an artist, song, or some of the lyrics in to the search box. Once you find a song, you just click the play immediately button or add it to a queue so you can sing a bunch of songs at at time."  Read more...

Best Available The KARAOKE Channel Coupon:
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